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A new original anime called “Back Arrow”, has been announced by Aniplex in collaboration with Goro Taniguchi (Director and Original Creator of Code Geass) and Kazuki Nakashima (Original Creator and scriptwriter of Kill la Kill, Promare and in charge for the series composition of Gurren Lagann).

Why it could be interesting?

While any other detail regarding Back Arrow is still unknown I can’t help but be really optimistic about this project: Taniguchi is a well-known director that created with Ichiro Okouchi the iconic Code Geass series while Nakashima is one of the best scriptwriters in the anime industry credited as the original creator of many Trigger’s productions like Kill la Kill and the recent Promare.

Taniguchi’s last works as a director aren’t particularly impressive like Revisions that recently aired on Netflix and the Active Raid series; it will be interesting to see if the collaboration with Nakashima could create a new power couple in the anime industry.


Official Website, first Key Visual and short trailer announced

An official website and a Twitter account have been opened by the Back Arrow Production Committee; a short trailer has been released with the participation of voice actor Yuki Kaji (Todoroki in My Hero Academia and Eren in Attack on Titan) that will also star in the anime.

The short trailer shows the first Key Visual of Back Arrow.

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