Release Date


J.C. Staff announced a new original anime, “Skate-Leading☆Stars” in collaboration with Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass director) as chief director and Yana Toboso (Kuroshitsuji original creator) as character designer.

Why it could be interesting?

Taniguchi will be quite busy this year considering the recent announcement of Back Arrow where he’ll be the director and Skate-Leading Stars that will see him as chief director.

The pair with Yana Toboso, the popular mangaka that created Black Butler, makes me really curious to see if Skate-Leading Stars will be the J.C. Staff version of Yuri on Ice or a completely different project.


The anime centers on high school students in a competitive team-based version of figure skating named “skate-leading.” Skate leading is a bit different from regular ice-skating with a team made of five people that performs together with different roles: lead, wings and guard.

The scoring system is based on an automated camera and on the vote of nine judges; technical skills and artistic presentation are two of the main aspects evaluated.

“You will never beat me”

Kensei Maeshima left figure skating after hearing these words from his rival Reo Shinozaki. A few years later Kensei, now a high school student, sees a press conference where Reo announced that he would have shifted from figure skating to skate-leading. After meeting another student named Hayato Sasugai, who knows of Kensei’s previous career, Kensi accepts Hayato’s proposal to join his team in skate-leading.